Family of 5 Needs Help – Need 17.81 – Goal Met!


We alert you today to a Need that is likely to be the last Need Alert of 2017. This family of five needs our help to get their nine-year-old son dental surgery. The three children are 9, 8, and 5 years old. The five-year-old was diagnosed with High-Grade Inoperable Brain Stem Cancer three years ago. As you can imagine, all of this family's time and resources have been devoted to the care of the youngest child. Recently they took the older two children to the dentist after not having them checked out for almost three years (understandable). The 8-year-old was in good shape, but the 9-year-old boy needs oral surgery to develop correctly. He has multiple cavities and severe overcrowding. The father is a school teacher, and they just do not have the funds for the surgery due to the expensive treatment they have been paying for the son with cancer. We have gotten a second opinion from one of our dental area experts, and he assured us that the surgery was indeed needed and the cost was about 30% less then he would charge in his office. We would like to help this family get their son this required oral surgery so that he can develop normally.






raised of a $2,200.00 goal

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