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We alert you today of a family of 7 that is in danger of losing their home. They have been faithful servants at one of our church partners for many years and have spent most of their lives on the giving side of needs. However, they have run into hard times and are in danger of losing their home on Dec 1st.

The father has been in commission sales for many years and developed a health issue over the past year that prevented him for traveling as much as he normally would to maintain his sales volume. He is getting better, but has taken an enormous hit financially. The situation went from bad to worse when he recently lost his two biggest customers. He has taken a second job and his wife is also working part-time to make ends meet. They are also meeting with an area expert in financial counseling to fix this financial crisis.

This family is on their way to being back on track and we really do not want them to lose their home. They have used all of their savings and have no way to bail themselves out of this hole. They have worked with the mortgage company to waive all late fees and created a plan for them to save their home.

The are behind $4,900. However, the mortgage company will accept $3,051 by Dec 1st and allow them to pay the remainder of the money due in payments. The family has $1,600 to put toward the amount due, but do not have the remaining $1,451. We would like to help them save their home by providing them with the amount they are short.


Back Mortgage Payment = $1,451

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