Emergency Gallbladder Removal – Need 18.43 – Goal Met!


We alert you today to a young woman that lived for one year in New York City pursuing her dream of performing arts. Not long after her arrival in New York, she developed a polyp on her vocal chord that would require surgery for her to continue to pursue her dream. She did not have insurance and therefore could not afford the surgery.  She realized after a few months that she was not going to be able to pursue her original plan and made the decision to move from NYC to a much less expensive area in metro Atlanta. She was aware that she had gallstones and during her move, her gallbladder ruptured and this required emergency surgery to remove her gallbladder. Furthermore, she found out that her NYC landlord decided not to send her security deposit ($2,500). They found some loophole to keep the money, and she has no resources to fight the issue. All of these events combine for a perfect storm for her financially, and she is now at risk of losing her apartment and her car. We are working closely with her through our local partner. She has recovered and secured not one but three jobs. Two of the jobs are serving tables at night, and one is being a nanny during the day. We want to help stabilize her during this stormy time in her life. We are confident she will be able to move forward after this relief.

Rent - $1,100
Car Payment - $498
Car Insurance - $204






raised of a $1,802.00 goal

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