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We hope your Monday is off to a great start. We alert you today of a hard working, soon-to-be college student that needs some help. She has been the oldest child in a family that has repeatedly been in and out of homelessness. We have worked with her parents through our local church partner in an effort to keep the family stable for the past year. Even through the instability in her home, she has been able to hold down two jobs and has earned a scholarship to college. I wish each of you could speak with her individually because it is hard for me to describe how resilient and driven she is to be successful in spite of her circumstances.

The only thing that her scholarships do not cover is the security deposit and first month's rent at her student housing. She thought she had until August to save up the money. However, she was just told by her father that they are losing their home yet again and have to move out in three days. We would like to help her go ahead and get into her student housing and on with her life. We have great confidence in her ability to thrive if we can help her get in a situation where she controls her living environment. We would like to pay her security deposit and first month's rent. Her scholarships will then cover the rent. She will also maintain employment during college and that will allow her to be independent and on her way to a bright future.


Security Deposit and First Month's Rent - $1,400

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