Need 18.8 – Broken Back – Goal Met!


We alert you to a man that has broken his back. He, along with many others, was sacrificing several hours a week doing volunteer work for a local organization when the accident happened. Some of the volunteer work required demolition of materials found in an old building. He was up in the ceiling about 15 feet off the ground helping the other men cut out sections of old wood when the supports gave way, and he fell. He was rushed to the emergency room where he learned he had a compression fracture in his spine. He is now under significant financial strain as a result. The high medical bills combined with missing time from work is creating a budget crisis. At this point, the most significant need is to cover the medical costs that his insurance would not cover. He can recover from the missed time off work by using savings and hiring additional help to run his landscaping business.






raised of a $1,275.00 goal

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