Need 18.9 – Advocate Stuck With The Bill – Goal Met!


We alert you today of a woman that has tirelessly poured into a family for the past year. She has arranged job training for the mother to become a CNA. She has taken the children to appointments and school. She helped secure the family housing even to the point of signing her name on the lease. Last month the mother of the family stopped paying the rent on their apartment and went back to her old job, abandoning her CNA position/opportunity. Our local partner is working to stabilize the family's living arrangement and encouraging the mother to make better choices. However, the community advocate is now stuck holding a $1,265 rent bill to prevent eviction. This advocate helps several other families, and we would like to help her out of this bind so that she can continue to impact her community.






raised of a $1,265.00 goal

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