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We alert you today of a 32 year old single father that has given his life to Christ and been clean for almost one year. He has been working with one of our partners as well as several well known organizations closely for the past year. His story is incredibly encouraging and he really inspired me personally as we talked. I honestly wish he could tell you his story directly. However, since that is not possible I am going to do my best to summarize quickly.

After 15 years of drug addiction that led him in and out of prison and destroyed every relationship, he found out that he was going to be a father. The news blew him away. He began reaching out for help and connected with a local church as well as a nonprofit organization that specializes in addiction recovery.

About a year ago he gave his life to Christ and has been clean for almost a year.

The mother is still living in addiction and shows no signs of recovery at this point. The father has sole custody of their one year old little girl and the mother has voluntarily given up her right to her child. The father wakes daily at 4:30am and is out of the door to work by 5am everyday to his construction job. He has been able to restore his relationship with his mother and the daughter is surrounded by the grandmother, her father, and the local church community,

The father would like to tie up legal loose ends relating to the custody and guardianship of the little girl. He just wants to legally protect this little girl going forward. These situations can be very hard because we love everyone involved, including the mother that is still living in addiction. However, it is very clear that the child needs legal protections and is best with the father and grandmother.


Legal Fees = $550

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