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We alert you today of an 18 year old young man that has been abused and taken advantage of his entire life. When alerting needs, we typically do not use names to tell the story but we are going to do so with this need. This is a very large Need Alert and we want to be clear on the impact your prayers, advocacy, and donation will have on this young man's life.

Eddie started off in the foster system of Alabama at age 5 due to both of his parents being alcoholics and abusing Eddie. His father later straightened his life out and took over guardianship of Eddie. Shortly after Eddie moved back with his father, his father found out he had cancer. Once the father became too ill to care for Eddie, his father gave Eddie back to the state of Alabama. Eddie was 12 years old at the time and was in and out of foster homes. He was abused and neglected all through his childhood.

Eddie's maternal grandmother asked Eddie to come live with her in Georgia. By this time Eddie was 18 years old, considered a legal adult, but his grandmother told him she was his legal guardian until the age of 21. They went to a local credit union to open an account for Eddie's back pay from social security to be deposited. Eddie was supposed to be receiving money from Social Security at the age of 13 due to his father's death.

Since Eddie was in different foster homes since that time, he had no knowledge and never set up an account for those benefits. Once Eddie and his grandmother set up a joint account, social security deposited $36,000. His grandmother started spending his money at casinos, alcohol, drugs and a new car, until it was all gone. Eddie found a statement and saw where all his money had dwindled to nothing. He confronted his grandmother and she attacked him. Eddie called the police and they told him that he was a legal adult and could file a civil suit against her and move on with his life.

Eddie left that night with the clothes on his back and that's it. For the past 3 weeks employees of the credit union, that saw this story unfold, and others have been supporting Eddie and helping him get on track. He's been living at a Homestead Inn and getting food from Salvation Army and other local charitable organizations. It has been a hard 3 weeks, but Eddie and our local partners have maintained such positive attitudes.

In this short time this local group of partners has been able to accomplish several challenging yet critical issues Eddie was facing. They have been able to help him secure employment. In fact, he has two jobs. He has been enrolled in the local High School to finish his education. He is transitioning out of the motel that costs $300 or so per week into an apartment with roommates that will only cost him a few hundred per month.

So that is all the back story. What Eddie needs now is a car so that he can get to both of his jobs and he also needs a bed for his new, more stable, living situation. Our local partners on this case have identified a reasonable solution and the exact financial hurdles to getting him transportation and a bed. We would like to help Eddie with the transportation and the bed.


2006 Toyota Corolla (80k miles) - $3000

Initial Car Insurance Policy - $900

Mattress and Bed Frame - $350

Total Need = $4250

What You Can Do

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*As always 100% of your donation is tax deductible and 100% of your money, less the PayPal fees, will be applied to this specific need. You should also know that the relief will be delivered by the local partner, not One Need.


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Rodney McClure

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