Need 18.11 – 82 Year Old Woman Breaks Hip – Goal Met!


The 82-year-old mother fell and broke her hip at her home in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her daughter immediately made the trip from Atlanta to Utah to be there for her and help her get treatment. While there she realized that her mother would not be able to stay on her own any longer and she began making plans on how to care for her mother. It became clear that to be her mother's full-time caregiver; she needed her mother in Atlanta, not Utah. The problem in making that happen is money. She spent all of her saved resources to make the first trip to Utah, and the moving expense is just too large of an amount for the family to pull off. We are very closely connected to this family through our local church partner and have worked through the options of how to make this happen. The mother is in rehab for a broken hip and can't ride the 20 plus hours in a car, so she must fly. The daughter physically can't pack the entire house alone, and she does not have any labor support. We have collectively developed a plan that we believe is the most cost-effective and reasonable solution to this problem and it is still expensive.

We have arranged a moving company to pack the house in Utah, deliver the container to Atlanta, unpack the container in Atlanta, and place belongings into her Atlanta home. We also addressed the expense of flying the daughter and her son (support to help move the mother around) to Utah to get the mother and bring her back.

If together we can accomplish raising the money to fund this, it will be a huge blessing to this family.






raised of a $3,000.00 goal

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