76 Year Old Man and 73 Year Old Woman In Need of Help – Need 16.24 – Goal Met!





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Good Morning.

We alert you this morning of an elderly couple in need of some help paying their rent.

They live on a fixed income and their budget is manageable, but very tight. When their son's work truck broke down he came to    them for help. Even though they did not have the money, he promised he would pay them back within two weeks and that would be before their rent was due.

They agreed and and gave hime nearly $800 to fix his truck. He fixed his truck and then it broke down again the following day. This time a different issue. As a result, he has not gone back to work in 2 months. Needless to say this elderly mother and father did not get their money back in time to make the rent. They barley pulled together last month's rent but now have no money for their May 1st. rent.

We have worked with the apartment office and the manager of the property speaks very highly of them. They have been in good standing with their rent for a long time and this is the first time they have ever had an issue.

We would like to help them get back on track.


May Rent = $850

What You Can Do

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*As always 100% of your donation is tax deductible and 100% of your money, less the PayPal fees, will be applied to this specific need. You should also know that the relief will be delivered by the local church partner, not One Need.


If you have any questions please email Rodney McClure at rodney@oneneed.org

In Christ,

Rodney McClure


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