Need 18.2 – 70 Year Old Man Needs Dental Work – Goal Met!


We alert you today to a 70-year-old man in need of significant dental work. However, before we fill you in on the details, we want to encourage you to follow us on social media. Just take a look at the bottom of this alert, and you will find icons for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Click on them to follow us! Now back to the need at hand.

We have been working closely with our local church partner to help the man in various areas of his life. He has severe employment issues but is working 10 hours per week as a janitor for the local church partner. He needs major dental work and does not have any dental insurance or the funds to pay cash for the treatment. He has 12 total teeth, 8 of which are broken, and eating regular foods has become impossible. He is in constant pain, and the infections are a concern for his overall health.

He needs all of his teeth pulled, and full upper and lower dentures. The initial quotes were as high as $36,000 (implants). Through working with one of our area experts, we were able to get the cost to $5,000 immediately (dentures). Finally, through various programs and the help from several people, we have been able to get the out of pocket cost of the procedure down to $1,200.

We would like to help him get a new smile.






raised of a $1,200.00 goal

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