61-Year-Old Woman Suffering Kidney and Heart Failure – Need 18.44 – Goal Met!


We alert you today to a 61-year-old woman that is suffering from stage four kidney failure as well as congestive heart failure. She is a grandmother to seven grandkids and a faithful member of one of our local church partners. Due to her illness, she is living on a fixed income at the moment although she has worked all of her life. She is being treated for the kidney and heart issues weekly, and the co-pays and deductibles associated with her health insurance are endangering her ability to pay her rent and other monthly bills. The upfront visits to the doctor's offices and the minor procedures she needs are mainly taking place in June and July. We have worked closely with her and determined the out of pocket costs she faces in these months. We want to help her get through this time and are confident she can handle the care regimen going forward.

Co-Pays and Deductibles - $1,275






raised of a $1,275.00 goal

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