58-Year-Old Man Battling Tongue Cancer – Need 18.42 – Goal Met!


We alert you today to a 58-year-old single man that is battling tongue cancer. At the beginning of this year, he underwent seven weeks of radiation and chemotherapy. He also had to have a tracheotomy because the tumors were so big that he could no longer breathe on his own. The radiation to kill the cancer cells also damaged one of his carotid arteries. The damage required him to undergo another surgery that needed the doctors to break his jaw and attempt to repair the artery. During the operation, the artery blew, and they almost lost him on the operating table. He is now beginning a long recovery estimated to take between six and twelve months. We are working closely with him through our local partner, and his longterm disability will be supporting him in ninety days. Until that time he needs relief in the form of three months of rent because he is unable to work.






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