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I want to tell you up front that this Need Alert is a pretty big one. It will take all of us to meet this need, and if we are able, together we will provide some much needed financial relief for this family.

In November of last year this family gave birth to their third child. The child was born with something called 18p Deletion Syndrome. This is very rare and only occurs in 1 out of every 50,000 children. As a result, this family has dedicated much of it's time and financial resources to caring for this new baby. The child is developmentally delayed and currently has the function of a 3 month old baby. They are working with several specialists to determine the extent this syndrome is having on the overall health of the child. They have already identified issues with feeding and her vision and are concerned about others including heart issues. As you can imagine, I could write much much more about all the things they have been dealing with in trying to help their newest baby. Meanwhile, they also have a 7 year old son and 4 year old daughter.

The 7 year old has developed severe asthma and was recently hospitalized during an asthma attack. The 4 year old girl is not having any health issues and is excited to begin pre-school next week. The family has been financially devastated by all of these issues. We would like to help take some financial pressure off of this family and help to make sure that this 4 year old little girl can attend pre-school.

We would like to help pay her tuition for this school year. The cost is $240 per month and they have to pay for 9 months. We would also like to help the family get some fall clothes for all of the children.


Pre-School Tuition = $2,160

Fall Clothes = $200

Total Need = $2,360

What You Can Do

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*As always 100% of your donation is tax deductible and 100% of your money, less the PayPal fees, will be applied to this specific need. You should also know that the relief will be delivered by the local church partner, not One Need.


If you have any questions please email Rodney McClure at rodney@oneneed.org

In Christ,

Rodney McClure


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