Need 20.70 – Woman Undergoing Chemotherapy While Recovering From Stroke

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We alert you today to a woman that suffered a stroke in October. This health event caused her to miss some time from work. While recovering from the stroke, doctors discovered that she has cancer in her liver and her pancreas. So on top of recovering from the stroke, she is now undergoing two types of chemotherapy treatment. Her husband does work, but her extended time off work has ca ...

Need 20.69 – Single Mother Suffering From Kidney Failure

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We alert you for the last time this week to a single mother (7 and 9) that suffered kidney failure this past April and then in June went through a divorce she did not want. She is currently on dialysis awaiting a kidney transplant. Her illness also led to seizures and other issues that impact her ability to work. She is working on her disability claim, but that is taking up to 5 month ...

Need Alert 20.68 – 60-Year-Old Man Needs Back Surgery

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We alert you today to a very hard-working 60-year-old man that must get back surgery. He and his wife have a long history of providing for themselves and helping others in need. He has worked construction all of his life and has dealt with back pain and related issues for many years. In October, he injured his back. The result was that he felt like he had partial paralysis in his legs ...

Need 20.67 – Family In Need After Lay Off

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We alert you to a family in need after the father was laid off in early October due to COVID-19 shutdowns. The mother has been able to continue to work part-time but has not converted to full-time, although she has tried. They were able to sustain themselves the past seven weeks on savings but now find themselves unable to make ends meet. They are in danger of losing their housing and ...

Need 20.66 – Woman Abandoned By Husband

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Today, we alert you to a single mother of two abandoned by her husband and father to her children. She was laid off during the COVID shut down and did not get any assistance or unemployment. During that time, her husband left home and is not supporting the family in any way. She has secured new employment and needs help with car repairs to ensure she can keep employment and utilities ...

Need 20.65 – Single Mother Of 4 Recovering From Surgery

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We alert you today to a 36-year-old single mother of four that needs help. She was dealing with health issues for quite a while when the doctors determined that she needed a full hysterectomy. In September, she underwent the needed surgery. During her recovery, she suffered from severe complications that required another surgery to be performed. This development more than doubled her ...