Need 19.62 – Military Veteran In Need

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We alert you today to a young family of three that needs help. The father is a military veteran that spent eight years in the Marines. They have a five-month-old daughter and are in danger of being evicted. He lost his job in July and has struggled to find new employment. They spent all of their savings during that time, but he has secured new work with a rental car agency. After tota ...

Need 19.61 – Cancer Patient Needs Help

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We alert you today to a cancer patient that needs help. She is a widow and is fighting cancer for the fifth time in her life. She is on a fixed income, and the additional cost of treating cancer has caught up to her budget. She is two months behind on her utilities and needs $600 to be current on her bills. If she does not pay by Sunday, her power will be disconnected. We want to help ...

Need 19.60 – Single Mother Has Surgery

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We alert you today to a single mother or a 12-year-old boy that had surgery last month for a cyst on her colon. She was out of work for three weeks recovering. Due to the time she missed work, she can not pay her October rent. She is back to work now, and we want to help her by paying her rent of $750. ...

Need 19.59 – 73-Year-Old Widow Needs Tires

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We alert today to a 73-year-old widow that needs tires. She sustained a nasty fall a few months ago that resulted in significant injuries, including head trauma. The head trauma has resulted in hearing loss, and we are working with her to understand her insurance better so that we can help her in that area. We anticipate another Need Alert for that in the future. However, while workin ...

Need 19.58 – Husband Recovering From Stroke

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We alert you to a family that is in need fo rent assistance. The husband and wife both work full time. Two weeks ago, the husband suffered a stroke and is now recovering. The wife has worked a much as she can, but the husband has been unable to work. They are late on their rent, and we would like to help them get their rent current so that they can get back on their feet. They need $9 ...

Need 19.57 – Son Supporting Mother

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We alert you to a young man that has been supporting his mother through open-heart surgery and now finds himself in need. The mother is in England, the son works two jobs here in the states, and is connected to one of our local church partners through a small group. His mother became ill eight months ago, and he has been supporting her financially through her illness. He has downsized ...