Need 20.53 – Woman In Need Of Legal Fees

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A brief statement before explaining this Need Alert to you: This Need Alert is for legal fees for a woman that is going through a divorce. When you get a Need Alert from us, it represents 10-12 other Needs that we have worked that do not get Alerted to you. That is because they do not fall into the relief category; they fall into the rehabilitation or development category. In those s ...

Need 20.52 – Single Mother Needs Help With Child Care

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We alert you today to a single mother that needs help with child care. She fled an abusive relationship and moved to the adjacent state, where she has some level of a support network through friends; she has no living family. She has been able to find employment but is struggling with the first month of child care payments totaling $1,100. We see this often with single mothers. Child ...

Need 20.51 – Mother of Two Forced From Her Home

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We alert you today to a mother of two forced from her home. She and her husband have been married for eight years, and they have two children together ages 7 and 3. The husband/father is using methamphetamine, abusing alcohol, and has been unfaithful to his wife. To protect her children, she left home with the children two weeks ago. A judge granted her full temporary custody of the c ...

Need 20.50 – 80-Year-Old Man In Need Due To COVID-19 Shutdown

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We alert you to an 80-year-old man that is in need due to his part-time work shutting down for COVID-19. He has spent 45 years providing for himself and his family tuning industrial boiler and furnaces. He was laid off four years ago and has continued to provide for himself by working part-time jobs and combining that income with his social security. Due to the COVID-19 shutdown, he h ...

Need 20.49 – Single Mother Laid Off Due to COVID-19 Shutdown

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We alert you to a single mother (kids 12,8) that works full-time as a nurse in a hospital. As a result of the COVID-19 shutdown, she was laid off in March because there were very few patients in the hospital. The hospital did not file for unemployment benefits for her and the other employees until mid-June. Therefore, she has only gotten a one-time stimulus check. She is now back to w ...

Need 20.48 – Recovering Addict Needs Help

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We alert you this morning to a 35-year-old single woman that has been in recovery for eighteen months. She has no family and had a tough childhood that included her using drugs and alcohol since the age of nine. She has completed an intensive treatment program and has worked full-time for over a year. Recently she was laid off due to business being slow at her gas station. She immedia ...