Need 19.69 – Ray Is Working Himself Out of Homelessness

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If you have been getting our Need Alerts for any amount of time, you know that we work with local churches to support their benevolence ministries. When appropriate, we raise money to provide relief for those in need through Need Alerts just like this. Need Alerts are always anonymously written, and we do not identify the person you are helping. Well, today is different. Meet Ray. ...

Need 19.68 – Single Mother Of Two Forced From Her Home

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We alert you to a single mother of two boys that is in a housing crisis. Several years ago, she lost her children to the state due to her substance abuse. She has been sober for over two years now and for the past year, has been renting a section of a man's home. There she lives with her two boys (6,5). The boys play in the local baseball league, and she maintains a full-time job work ...

Need 19.67 – Man Suffering From Stage Four Esophageal Cancer

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We alert you today to a man that is suffering from stage four esophageal cancer. He is a vital part of a sober living community and spent much of the past few years sharing the gospel in his community. He recently underwent surgery for cancer and lost his ability to speak. Although he remains very active, losing his ability to speak has been devastating to his work. He needs an Electr ...

Need 19.66 – Senior Citizen Couple Needs A Bed

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We alert you, for the last time this week, to a senior citizen couple that needs a bed. The 70-year-old husband has had several health issues, including quadruple bi-pass heart surgery and a ruptured colon. These health issues have left him unable to work and living only on a small social security check. The 68-year-old wife lost her job after seventeen years of service and has failed ...

Need 19.64 – Single Woman Hospitalized

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We alert you today to a single woman that is homeless due, in part, to several hospitalizations. She was evicted from her apartment along with her 14-year -old son, twenty-year-old daughter, and her daughter (the woman's granddaughter). All of them are relying on her, and she has lost control of her finances while dealing with her health issues, and they are now living in her car. She ...

Need 19.63 – 58-Year-Old Recent Amputee In Need

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We alert you today to a 58-year-old recent amputee that needs help. She is a professional that is required to travel 50% for her employment. She had her leg amputated below the knee on August 2nd and is getting her prosthetic in approximately two weeks. She does have some short-term disability benefits, but they are not enough for her to make ends meet. She is hoping to be back at wor ...