Working Mom Facing Eviction – Need 15.50

raised of a $1,686.00 goal
Story Good Morning. We alert you today of a mother of two that is facing eviction if we do not step in and help our local church partner by funding this ministry opportunity. She has a 12 year old daughter and 3 year old son. She works for a school system during the school year, but is not able to maintain her employment with them during the summer. Normally s ...

Fellow Deeder has Broken Ankle – Need 15.49

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Story Our second alert today is of a woman that is an active Deeder with One Need and also volunteers many hours with one of our partner organizations. She is a caterer and has always been able to sustain her life through her catering business. Several weeks ago she broke her ankle causing her to be unable to work. She was still able to pay all of that month's bi ...

Man Has 4 Months to Live – Need 15.48

raised of a $500.00 goal
Story Good Morning. Before we alert you of this important need, we would like to tell you about a few upgrades to the system. We have made two significant upgrades: 1.) You will notice that the donation status tracks much better. Our resident tech genius, Jesse Horne, has created thermometer style giving to make your giving experience more awesome. 2.) In past ...

Seminary Graduate Needs One Last Push to Launch into Ministry: Need 15.47 = Met

STATUS: 17 Deeders responded and donated $1,000. We have transferred the funds to our local church partner and they are connecting with her to get her situated. (updated on 8.5.15 @7:54pm EDT) Story We hope this Need Alert finds you having an awesome day today! We are alerting you today of a seminary graduate in need of one last push in order to launch into ful ...

Man Beaten and Robbed: Need 15.46 = Met

STATUS: 26 Deeders have responded and donated $900. This need is met. We have transferred the funds to the local church partner to apply relief. (updated 8.3.15 @ 5:30pm) Story Good afternoon! We alert you today of a father that was beaten and robbed of his entire paycheck on Friday evening. He is an electrician and working a job in a town away from home. Th ...

Couple In Need: Need 15.45 = Met

STATUS: 5 Deeders responded and donated $297. We have transferred the funds to our local church partner and they connecting to apply relief. (Updated 7.31.15 @ 8:57am) Story Good Morning and Happy Friday! We alert you today of couple that needs a little help. The wife is an employed CNA. The husband lost his job at a golf course 6 weeks ago. He has secured new ...