Need 19.75 – Car Accident Injury Requires Surgery

raised of a $970.00 goal
We alert you today to a woman that sustained a severe shoulder injury from a car accident. She drives over 1000 miles per week for her work, and the injury required surgery. This unfortunate event has left her unable to work, and her short-term disability coverage is slow to come in to sustain her. She is now behind on her rent and utilities by $970. We want to help her get caught up ...

Need 19.74 – Single Woman Fighting Cancer While Losing Her Home

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We alert you to a 59-year-old single woman that has been fighting cancer for several years and is weeks away from losing her home to foreclosure. This Need Alert is significantly larger than most, and it will require all of us to meet it. In addition to giving to this woman in need, I am asking you to make a concentrated effort to stop what you are doing and pray for her healing. She ...

Need 19.73 – Single Mother of 5 Being Evicted

raised of a $1,890.00 goal
We alert you today to a single mother of five (17, 13, 11, 5, 10 months) that is being evicted. She lost her job earlier this year and struggled to find new employment. They were evicted from their rental home this summer after living there for five years. Over the summer, the oldest child was able to work, and she helped them get into the apartment they are living in now.  The mother ...

Need 19.72 – 73-Year-Old Widow Needs Hearing Aids

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We alert you today, for the last time this week, to a 73-year-old widow that needs hearing aids. We have been tracking with her for several months since she sustained a nasty fall, which resulted in significant injuries, including head trauma. The head trauma has resulted in hearing loss, and you may remember Need Alert 19.59 where you, the One Need Network, provided her with new tire ...

Need 19.71 – Father of Three Between Jobs

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We alert you to a father of three (10, 5, 9months) that was laid of from his job in mid-September. He is working a new job and also trying to get back on with the company that laid him off. He was without work for three weeks and is currently making less money at his new job. We are confident that he will be able to get back on with his old company in the coming weeks, but for now, th ...

Need 19.70 – Mother of 4 Fighting Cancer

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We alert you today to a mother of four that was diagnosed with tongue cancer on August 5th of this year. She works full-time in ministry at a local church, along with her husband. She had significant reconstructive surgery not only to remove cancer but also to rebuild her tongue. Currently, she and her husband are traveling weekly from their home to MD Anderson in Houston, TX, to rece ...