Need 20.66 – Woman Abandoned By Husband

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Today, we alert you to a single mother of two abandoned by her husband and father to her children. She was laid off during the COVID shut down and did not get any assistance or unemployment. During that time, her husband left home and is not supporting the family in any way. She has secured new employment and needs help with car repairs to ensure she can keep employment and utilities ...

Need 20.65 – Single Mother Of 4 Recovering From Surgery

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We alert you today to a 36-year-old single mother of four that needs help. She was dealing with health issues for quite a while when the doctors determined that she needed a full hysterectomy. In September, she underwent the needed surgery. During her recovery, she suffered from severe complications that required another surgery to be performed. This development more than doubled her ...

Need 20.64 – Young Family In Need

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We alert you today to a young and growing family that needs a little help. The 24-year-old couple has one child and expects their second to be delivered as soon as this weekend. Two months ago, the mother was laid off of work due to COVID-19 cutbacks. Being so close to her due date, she has struggled to regain employment. The husband has been working two jobs but learned that he would ...

Need 20.63 – Single Mother Of 4 Loses Home In Fire

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Today, we alert you to a family that lost their home and most of their belongings in an apartment fire. The single mother of four (7,12,15,17) did not have rental insurance, and she does not receive any child support of any kind. The Red Cross and other organizations have helped them with a hotel stay, and we have been working with them to help them regain stable housing. They need $5 ...

Need 20.62 – Paraplegic Man In Need After Undergoing Two Surgeries

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We alert you to a paraplegic man in need after undergoing two surgeries. He is 55 years old and has been paralyzed at his C7 for thirty-five years. He is married and has one child. His wife is a nurse, and their son is active in martial arts. Recently he as has undergone two surgeries. The first was a colostomy bag revision to correct a problem resulting from the original surgery. He ...

Need 20.61 – Couple In Need After Husband Suffers Stroke

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We alert you to a couple in need because the husband suffered a stroke. The husband is in the hospital, and the wife has not been allowed to see him due to the COVID Shutdown. She has been able to talk to him by phone. His speech is impaired, and he is suffering from some loss of function in his movement. We are prayerful that he will recover enough to return home by the end of the mo ...