Need 22.11 – 35-Year-Old Single Mother Of 2 Suffering From Serious Illnesses

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Today we alert you to a single mother of two children (6, 10 months) suffering from two severe illnesses. This Need Alert, like so many, is a mission of mercy that brings together a heart-rending situation and a significant financial need. This single mother's mom was murdered when she was very young. An older woman adopted her and cared for her, but the elderly adoptive mother passed ...

Need 22.10 – Woman Faces 2nd Major Surgery In Less Than A Year

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We alert you today to a woman facing a second major surgery in less than a year. Last spring she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a mastectomy in April. Unexpected costs associated with her surgery, combined with the loss of work hours during her recovery, put a substantial strain on her finances, and she got behind on her bills. She was recently diagnosed with a pituitary ...

Need 22.9 – Mother Of Three Going Through Divorce

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We alert you to a mother of three young children who is going through an unwanted divorce. She and her husband have been separated since April of last year. The husband supported the family as a truck driver, and the mother did not work, staying home to care for the children. Last month the husband abruptly stopped paying the household bills. While discussing this situation with he ...

Need 22.8 – Mother of Three Abandoned By Her Husband

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Today we alert you to a mother of three (10,8,6) who has been abandoned by her husband. The family moved from California to Tennessee last year in search of a better life. On December 31st, the husband dropped off his wife for her waitress shift like any other day. Several hours later while she was still at work, he blindsided her with a text that said he was returning to California. ...

Need 22.7 – Widow Involved In Car Accident

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Today, we alert you to a widow who was involved in a car accident which resulted in six broken bones in her right foot, requiring surgery. She also broke two bones in her left arm. Her job demands that she is physically mobile, and because she is a contract worker, she has no disability benefits. She also cares for her 27-year-old daughter with special needs. Her monthly bills are rel ...

Need 22.6 – Single Mother Of Six Needs Car Repair

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Today, we alert you to a single mother of six (16,15,12,10,3,2) who needs help paying for a car repair. She works full-time and does not get any support from either of the children’s fathers. I feel like she is doing her best. She is simply in a challenging financial situation, having the full responsibility to care for her children, support the family, and coordinate child care. The ...