Need 21.12 – Recent College Graduate Paralyzed Due To Illness

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We alert you today to a family that needs help. Their 23-year-old daughter graduated from college in May of 2020. She secured employment and was to begin her career this past January. In December, she became ill with what doctors originally thought was a stomach virus. After several trips to urgent care and hospitals, she was eventually diagnosed with a Neurological Myelination Optica ...

Need 21.11 – Young Family Needs Help Due to COVID Shutdown

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We alert you to a young family of two boys (7, 6 months) who need help after the father was laid off in December due to COVID shutdowns. The husband has worked during the entire pandemic, and the mother worked up until the month their second child was born. The business that employed the husband hung on as long as possible but continued COVID shutdowns, eventually forced the owner to ...

Need 21.10 – Single Mother of Two Recovering From Surgery

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We alert you today to a single mother of two boys (16,12) that needs help. I think it will help to give you a little back story on this family. Seven years ago, her oldest child was a freshman in college. While home on a break, he committed suicide. This sent the mother into a tailspin resulting in a year of homelessness due to debilitating depression. She worked her way out of living ...

Need 21.9 – 32-Year-Old Single Mother Lost The Father Of Her Child

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We alert you today to a 32-year-old single mother of a 13-year-old boy that needs help. She had her child at a young age, and she did not marry the father. However, the father remained in the boy's life and helped support her and the child. In November of 2020, the father passed away from liver cancer at the age of 33. In December, her employer began cutting her hours due to COVID shu ...

Need 21.8 – Single Woman with Parkinson’s and Cancer Needs MORE Help

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I am sure you understand and have experienced it but helping those in need can be messy. The best plans can sometimes get derailed. Well, this is the case for this need. We alerted you to this need last September. It was Need Alert 20.57, and I am going to copy the original Need Alert below. The issue is that we raised $4,800 total and $4,100 to save her home. Our local church partner ...

Need 21.7 – 22-Year-Old Recovering From COVID-19 Impact

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Today, we alert you to a 22-year-old young woman working to recover from the impact of COVID and the shutdowns. As we have said before, we have witnessed firsthand how the labor market's hourly and lower-level workers have been hit the hardest. She lost her retail job during the shutdown and got unemployment. She went back to work and contracted COVID-19. She has underlying conditions ...