Need 20.29 – Family of 5 Loses Entire Home In Tornado

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We alert you today to a family of five (children are 2,8,13) that lost their entire mobile home from what is believed to be two tornadoes that touched down in succession this past Sunday night. The storm is responsible for taking five people's lives in the immediate community, and several others lost their homes. The family we are working to provide relief did not have homeowners insu ...

Need 20.28 – Single Mother Needs Help Getting Through COVID-19 Shutdown

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We alert you today to a single mother of an 18-year-old daughter that needs help making if financially thorough the COVID-19 Shutdown. Before the shutdown, she earned a living working multiple jobs. She was the administrator for a small private school 12 hours per week, a tax consultant, and she drove for Uber on weekend nights. She is very involved in her home church and has a solid ...

Need 20.27 – Single Mother of 2 Needs Financial Bridge To C.A.R.E.S. Act Relief

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We alert you today to a single mother that needs a financial bridge until the C.A.R.E.S. Act funding arrives. She moved away from her hometown of New York with her two sons a few years ago over concerns about violence. Those concerns became a reality when her 48-year-old brother was killed in early March of this year. She used her savings to help the family and attend the funeral in N ...

Need 20.26 – Senior Citizen Couple Needs Financial Bridge Until COVID-19 Relief Package Arrives

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We alert to a senior citizen couple that needs financial help until the COVID-19 financial relief package arrives. They do have retirement income, and the wife also works decorating homes and staging homes for real estate agents. Due to the shutdown, her side work had gone away. We have worked through their entire monthly budget and assessed what federal relief is on the way. She also ...

Need 20.25 – Contract Worker Unable to Work Due To Covid-19 Shutdown

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We alert you to a single mother that earns her living as a contract employee working in a national beauty retailer. The stores in her state closed due to the Covid-19 shutdown, and she is unable to work. She is going to be getting the government relief but needs help with food and other daily supplies for her and her daughter until the assistance arrives. We would like to help her wit ...

Need 20.24 – 59-Year-Old Single Woman Needs Help Due to Covid-19 Shutdown

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We alert you today to a 59-year-old single woman that has had her side business shut down due to Covid-19 quarantine. She has monthly income but makes ends meet with her part-time side business. She is eligible for the relief package that seems to be on the way from the federal government, but she needs help to pay her power bill and with groceries until that relief arrives. The power ...