Family with 17 year old Autistic Child Forced To Move – Need 15.68

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Story We hope you had a wonderful weekend and are off to great start this Monday morning. We alert you today of a family that is in a really tight spot through no fault of their own. The father works full time for a large company and the mother is not able to work outside of the home because their 17 year old autistic son has been in decline for 2 years. Helping hi ...

Single Woman Battling Depression – Need 15.67

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Story Good Morning. We alert you this morning of a single woman battling depression. However, before we jump into the details of this very important Need Alert, I want to take a second to let you know of an exciting new enhancement we are launching along with the first Need Alert of 2016. Currently when you receive a Need Alert from us you are presented with thr ...

60 Year Old Woman Diagnosed with Cancer – Need 15.66

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Story Good Afternoon. We alert you today of a 60 year old woman that has been diagnosed with cancer. To complicate things financially she also has had major car trouble and the repairs were quite expensive. Her husband is disabled from a stroke so they have very little ability to earn more than their fixed disability income. Her treatments are adding ...

Retired Caregiver In Need – Need 15.65

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Story Good Morning We alert you today of a 63 year old retiree. She is recently separated and was forced to move to a smaller house to stay within her means as her husband is not assisting her financially and was the primary bread winner. When she moved, she had all of the normal expenses associated with a move and the power company rolled the balance fr ...

68 Year Old Woman in Need Of A Little Help – Need 15.64

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Story Good Morning. We alert you today of a 68 year old woman in need of a little help. She has attended a massive church for over 10 years that we are not partnered with, but has reached out to our church partner for help. Her home church has stated that they can not help her. She is on Social Security Retirement and also works for a local food pantry. During t ...

39 year old Widowed Mother of 2 In Need – Need 15.63

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Story Good morning for the second time today! We are so thankful that God is allowing us to be involved with those in need. Our prayer is that others will see His good works through us and come to know Christ through these relationships that are built through service. We send out this Need Alert on behalf of a 39 year old widow in need. She works to support 2 daugh ...