Need 20.35 – Nursing Home Worker Out Of Work After Contracting COVID-19

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We alert you to a family in need because the mother contracted COVID-19 while working at a nursing home. The father and two sons do work, but their jobs were not considered essential, and they lost their ability to work for over a month. They were making ends meet with the mother's pay, but that went away when she contracted the virus. The father and sons are now back to work, but the ...

Need 20.34 – Four Foster Children Need Computers for School Work

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We are working to support a family that cares for four foster children (all boys). The kids are currently out of school due to the COVID-19 shut down and will be continuing online education through the summer. They were given a used Google Chromebook for them all to share. We want to get them each a Google Chromebook for their schoolwork. They are also in need of some clothing. I feel ...

Need 20.33 – Family Needs Help With Cremation Cost Of Their Mother

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We alert you to a family of four (kids 8, 4) that needs help with the cost of cremation of the wife's mother that passed away two days ago. Several financial setbacks are colliding to render them unable to pay for the cremation expenses. The wife stayed at home to take care of her mother in her final days (about two months). She relied on her mother's social security check to make end ...

Need 20.32 – 63-Year-Old Widow Suffered Stroke One Month Before COVID-19 Shutdown

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We alert you today to a 63-year-old widow that suffered a stroke on February 18th of this year. While recovering, he was laid off from his healthcare sales position due to the COVID-19 shut down on March 20th. He is receiving unemployment but does not have company health insurance any longer. He needs physical therapy to regain his ability to secure employment. The clock is ticking on ...

Need 20.31 – Single Mother In Med School PA Program Needs Help

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We alert you today to a single mother of an 18-month-old child that needs help. She is in a PA program in medical school and also works 40 hours per week as a fitness instructor. Due to the COVID-19 shutdown, she has lost a significant portion of her income. A year ago, abuse forced her to divorce her husband.  The violence escalated to the point that she had no choice. She left the m ...

Need 20.30 – Independent Contractor Needs Help Due to COVID-19 Shutdown

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We alert you today to an independent contractor that needs help due to the COVID-19 shutdown. He has a stable work history and also volunteers at his church. He did not qualify for the full stimulus money, but on Friday, he secured a new 40 hour per week contract. He is currently one month behind on all of his bills, but it will be ok if we can help him dig out of the financial hole t ...