Need 19.81 – 76-Year-Old Disabled Man Being Evicted

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Let me start this Need Alert by knowledging that this might be the toughest week of the year to raise money for Needs. When we discovered this Need, that is the first thing that came to mind. It is relatively urgent, and it is sizable. We have never intended to pressure anyone into giving to a Need, and we will not start today. We are asking you to stop and pray for this Need, give if ...

Need 19.80 – Father of 4 Suffering From Lyme Disease

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We alert you today to a father of four (10, 9, 2, 5 months) that is suffering from Lyme Disease. He was diagnosed with the disease eight months ago, and it has now attacked his central nervous system. He has been suffering from symptoms, much like those with MS suffer until it is controlled. He and his wife run a small digital agency, and they have lost more than half of their revenue ...

Need 19.79 – Domestic Violence Victim

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We alert you today to a mother that is the victim of domestic violence. She was forced to file a temporary protective order against her husband when he became physically abusive. She works full time, is six months pregnant, and has a two-year-old. The husband refused to help with childcare last month, and the mother was forced to use her rent money to pay for childcare so she could ke ...

Need 19.78 – Water Heater

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We alert you to a single mother of two children, one of which is special needs, that needs a water heater. She was laid off from her job in September after four years of service. She is making ends meet, with unemployment and savings, and has secured new employment. We are working with her to help her rework her mortgage, and she is a few weeks from a regular paycheck and stability. H ...

Need 19.77 – Tooth Extraction Needed

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If you have ever had tooth pain, you know how debilitating it can be. We alert you today to a man that needs an abscessed tooth extracted. He has tried a simple extraction, but his body reacts to the procedure, and his blood pressure bottoms out. They have tried twice, and the dentist has had to stop. The result is that he needs to see an oral surgeon, and the cost for the extraction ...

Need 19.76 – Mother of Four Hospitalized

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We alert you today to a mother of four girls, that has been hospitalized for months, and is looking at a long road of recovery. She was due to deliver the family's fourth daughter on Thanksgiving. In August, she suffered from symptoms of the mono virus. That virus triggered an autoimmune disease called Gillian-Barre that hospitalized her on September 22nd. Gillian-Barre attacked the n ...