Need 21.17 – Single Mother With Heart Issue and Pneumonia

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We alert you for the first time this week to a single mother dealing with a heart condition. You may remember Need Alert 21.10, which was for a single mother who underwent two surgeries to remove kidney stones. She was on schedule to return to work after the surgeries, but unfortunately, her heart started going into AFib. Her doctors tried several different courses of action, and she ...

Need 21.16 – 32-Year-Old Widow In Need 

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We alert you today to a 32-year-old widow and mother of three (12,13,14) who needs help. She has worked in the restaurant business, consistently providing for her children over the past twelve years on her own. COVID-19 shutdowns took her employment from her. She secured new employment in customer service but not before she fell behind on her rent. To add to the stress and heartache, ...

Need 21.15 – Single Mother of 4 Needs Help Due to COVID-19

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We alert you today to a single mother of four (11,8,6,2) that needs help. Her children tested positive for COVID-19 and were quarantined from school. As a result, she was exposed and not allowed to perform her job in childcare. She was forced out of work for an entire month, and now the kids will be digital learning from home for the remainder of the school year. She is trying to catc ...

Need 21.14 – Wife and Mother of Two Murdered

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We alert you today to a need that has been in the national news over the past ten days. On March 16th, a series of shootings took place at three Asian spas in Metro Atlanta. Eight people were killed that day, and the suspect is in custody. Our prayers are with all of the victims and their families. We learned that one of the victims was a member of one of our local church partners. Sh ...

Need 21.13 – Young Professional Needs Help

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We alert you to a young professional that needs to buy a little time. He has a solid work history in healthcare sales and marketing and has worked through the pandemic shutdowns. In November, he earned a promotion, and the threat of future shutdowns seemed low at his company. He began working with mortgage lenders to buy his first home. The recommendation was that he should take all h ...

Need 21.13 – 19-Year-Old Working Through Misdiagnosis

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We alert you today to a 19-year-old young woman that is working her way through a misdiagnosis. Approximately six months ago, she experienced rapid weight gain and began losing her hair. She was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease and was prescribed steroids along with physical therapy. After four months of treatment, she stopped the treatment plan and went to a new doctor. That doctor d ...