Need 22.4 – 64-Year-Old Woman Caring For Her Older Sister

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We alert you today to sisters who need help catching up on their rent. Last year, the younger, 64-year-old sister, moved to a new state so she could care for her 72-year-old sister with Alzheimer’s who had suffered a stroke. Both sisters get small retirement checks, and the joint living arrangement provides affordable housing for them, while allowing the younger sister to give the car ...

Need 22.3 – 67-Year-Old Man Is Homeless After Injury

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We alert you today to a 67-year-old homeless man who needs help. He has worked in landscaping his entire life. Last year, he sustained a severe ankle injury which resulted in an ankle fusion surgery. He needed extensive physical therapy to regain full function of his ankle. During the season of therapy, he could not perform his normal job duties. The reduced hours eventually cost him ...

Need 22.2 – Single Woman Fired For Being Unvaccinated

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We alert you today to a single woman who was fired because she did not get vaccinated. She has a longstanding stable work history. Her employer initially required all unvaccinated employees to test weekly, which she was willing to do. Last month, her employer changed the policy and required COVID-19 vaccinations for all employees. She was still unsettled about taking the vaccine and w ...

Need 22.1 – Single Woman In Need

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We alert you today to a single woman who is heavily involved in serving at her local church and has a long history of providing for herself through a stable employment history. This past year has been particularly hard on her as she lost her full-time employment in the first quarter of the year. In the summer, her adult son began to have epileptic seizures. She traveled several states ...

Need 21.69 – 34-Year-Old Single Mother Needs Trauma Therapy and Car Repair

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Today, we alert you to a single mother of a 14-year-old daughter who needs help. This 34-year-old mom grew up in the foster care system. For a majority of children, foster care offers a needed escape from unsafe or abusive circumstances. Unfortunately for this mother, her experience was part of the exception to that rule. She suffers from severe emotional wounds and PTSD from trauma i ...

Need 21.68 – 73-Year-Old Single Woman In Need

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We alert you today to a 73-year-old single woman in need. She owned her own daycare business for 18 years and retired a few years ago. She has been able to make ends meet with her retirement income. Several months ago, she was involved in a car accident that required her to get a new car. After purchasing the car, and adjusting to the car payment, she realized just how fragile her ret ...