Need 20.25 – Contract Worker Unable to Work Due To Covid-19 Shutdown

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We alert you to a single mother that earns her living as a contract employee working in a national beauty retailer. The stores in her state closed due to the Covid-19 shutdown, and she is unable to work. She is going to be getting the government relief but needs help with food and other daily supplies for her and her daughter until the assistance arrives. We would like to help her wit ...

Need 20.24 – 59-Year-Old Single Woman Needs Help Due to Covid-19 Shutdown

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We alert you today to a 59-year-old single woman that has had her side business shut down due to Covid-19 quarantine. She has monthly income but makes ends meet with her part-time side business. She is eligible for the relief package that seems to be on the way from the federal government, but she needs help to pay her power bill and with groceries until that relief arrives. The power ...

Need 20.23 – Man Can’t Work At Hotel Due to Covid-19 Shutdown

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We alert you today to a man that became ill three weeks ago and could not report to work. He is HIV positive and, as a result, deals with illness related to the disease at times. He has experienced periods of homelessness in his past but has been working consistently for the last couple of years and provides for himself. He is well now, but the hotel he works for is closed down for th ...

Need 20.22 – 53-Year-Old Single Woman Can’t Work Her 2nd and 3rd Jobs Due to Covid-19 Quarantine

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We alert you today to a woman that has always made ends meet by working her regular 40 hours per week employment as a custodian in a community college, an additional 20 hours per week at a part-time custodial position in a school system, and also cleaned houses as a side business. She is a very hard worker and now finds herself unable to work at the part-time school position due to th ...

Need 20.21 – Covid-19 Quarantine Shut Down Single Mother’s Second Job

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We alert you to a single mother of a 12-year-old boy that had her second job as a waitress shut down a few weeks ago amid the Covid-19 quarantine. She works full-time as an administrative assistant but makes ends meet with her second job as a waitress. She is not alone, as many have similar needs. We are following government leaders closely and praying there will be some sort of gover ...

Need 20.20 – 17-Year-Old Son In Severe Auto Accident

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Update Info: He was later released from Shepherd Center on April 9 and returned home, miraculously 3 months to the date of the accident.   The medical bills, rehabilitation, wheelchair equipment, and ongoing care for this young man have come at quite a hefty price. Since he is confined to a wheelchair, his family was required to adapt their home to make it wheelchair accessible. Th ...