Need 22.16 – 55-Year-Old Widow Needs One Month Financial Bridge

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Today we alert you to a 55-year-old woman who became a widow on January 17th when her husband of 35 years suddenly passed away in their home. She spent her marriage as a stay-at-home mother and wife. Her husband managed their bills, and after his death, she realized that she had no understanding of how their finances were handled. While trying to figure everything out, she discovered ...

Need 22.15 – Addiction, Trauma, and Grief Counseling

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Today, we alert you to a 34-year-old single woman who reached out to our local church partner for counseling support. Her fiancé died from a drug overdose last year. This woman has been healing from her own drug and alcohol addiction in a full-time recovery program. She has been sober for over eight months and is now ready to move out and re-enter the workforce. She also has an opport ...

Need 22.14 – 51-Year-Old Homeless Woman Undergoing Cancer Surgery

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We alert you today to a 51-year-old homeless woman undergoing cancer surgery today. Our local church partner has ministered to her for the past ten years while she has been in and out of homelessness. (She currently lives in a tent.) She was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer that has spread to her ovaries and fallopian tubes. We have been tracking her situation with the care past ...

Need 22.13 – Single Mother Needs Help With Child’s Tuition

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Today we alert you to a single mother who needs a little help with her young child's tuition. She is caring for the child independently from the father who has given very little help, even though he is court-ordered to cover half the cost of child support. The child completed pre-school, and his instructors confirmed that he was ready for kindergarten. Because of his birthdate, they m ...

Need 22.12 – 71-Year-Old Man Suffering From Throat Cancer

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We alert you today to a 71-year-old man who is battling throat cancer. He is very frail, and the doctors are trying to help him gain weight through a feeding tube before he undergoes surgery in a few weeks. He draws a social security check but still needs to work to make ends meet each month. The feeding tube and pending surgery have taken away his ability to work. He is current on hi ...

Need 22.11 – 35-Year-Old Single Mother Of 2 Suffering From Serious Illnesses

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Today we alert you to a single mother of two children (6, 10 months) suffering from two severe illnesses. This Need Alert, like so many, is a mission of mercy that brings together a heart-rending situation and a significant financial need. This single mother's mom was murdered when she was very young. An older woman adopted her and cared for her, but the elderly adoptive mother passed ...