Need 19.9 – 54-Year-Old Widow In Need – Goal Met!

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We alert you to a 54-year-old widow in need. She lost her husband without any life insurance in September of last year. He was the sole provider as she has several significant health issues that prevent her from working full-time. She has been employed for the past five years at her current employer and does work part-time. However, she can't keep up with her expenses on her own. We a ...

Need 19.8 – Single Mother Going Through Divorce – Goal Met!

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We alert you today to a single mother, of a 6-year-old daughter, that is going through a divorce after ten years of marriage. She gave her life to Christ two years ago. Her husband was the primary financial provider and filled for divorce. He is not a believer, and she is heartbroken. She has secured employment and a place to live for her and her daughter. The cost of the divorce has ...

Need 19.7 – Disabled Veteran In Need – Goal Met!

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We alert you today to a disabled Army veteran in need. He was deployed to Iraq and Afganistan 4 times and served as a right door gunner on a Chinook helicopter. He is medically retired and suffering from PTSD and Schizophrenia. He was assigned and has a fiduciary because he is deemed unfit to handle any of his finances. Two months ago there was a mix-up with his identity, and the gove ...

Need 19.6 – Family Needs Fuel Tank – Goal Met!

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We alert you today to a family of six that is in danger of going without heat for their home in the next week. The father of four is a teacher, and middle school sports coach and the mother is in school full-time to become a registered nurse. Their home was built almost one hundred years ago and fueled by an oil tank that currently sits outside of the house. The company that fills the ...

Need 19.5 – Registered Nurse For 24 Years In Need – Goal Met!

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We alert you to a single mother of three, and registered nurse for 24 years, that is in need. This mother has a solid track record of providing for her three children. In September she took an opportunity to work on a contract basis in a nursing role that looked promising. By mid-December, she found herself out of work for the first time in a very long time. All of her employment oppo ...

Need 19.4 – 21-Year-Old Single Mother In Need – Goal Met!

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We alert you to a 21-year-old single mother of a 2-year-old little boy that is working her way out of homelessness. She grew up her entire life in the foster care system and never had a relationship with her parents. Three years ago she became pregnant at 18, and the father immediately left the picture. She connected with an aunt in another state that she barely knew and she agreed to ...