Need 18.5 – Complications From Surgery – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you today of a man that underwent what was planned to be minor shoulder surgery. Complications arose, and three months later he is still a week out from returning to work. As a result, he has burned through all of he and his wife's financial reserves and is unable to pay the monthly utilities. We are deeply connected to this couple through one of our local church partn ...

Need 18.4 – Christian Converted Muslim Refugee Family – Goal Met!

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Story The title of this Need Alert may look familiar to you. If so, it is because we have been working with this family through our local church partner since last August (Need Alert 17.50). The family converted to Christianity in Pakistan, and as a result, were severely persecuted for their faith. A group of men even beat the wife with a steel pipe, and she is still disabled as a ...

Need 18.3 – Woman Recovering From Apartment Fire – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you today of a 63-year-old woman that lost her apartment and everything in it last month. The fire left her with only the clothes on her back. Our local church partner has been working in the recovery effort. She is employed full time but did not have renters insurance. She has secured new housing and has begun to acquire essential items needed for daily life. Howeve ...

Need 18.2 – 70 Year Old Man Needs Dental Work – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you today to a 70-year-old man in need of significant dental work. However, before we fill you in on the details, we want to encourage you to follow us on social media. Just take a look at the bottom of this alert, and you will find icons for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Click on them to follow us! Now back to the need at hand. We have been working closely with ...

Need 18.1 – New Mother Transitioning Out Of Domestic Violence Shelter – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you today of a mother of a five-month-old baby girl that is transitioning out of a domestic violence shelter. Before the shelter, she was living in her car after leaving the father of her young child. She is working very diligently to provide for herself and her daughter. Members of our local church partner are working with her directly, and she has secured housing and ...

Family of 5 Needs Help – Need 17.81 – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you today to a Need that is likely to be the last Need Alert of 2017. This family of five needs our help to get their nine-year-old son dental surgery. The three children are 9, 8, and 5 years old. The five-year-old was diagnosed with High-Grade Inoperable Brain Stem Cancer three years ago. As you can imagine, all of this family's time and resources have been devoted ...