Need 18.84 – Single Mother Lost Job – Goal Met!

raised of a $504.00 goal
We alert you today to a single mother and two young children that are in need. She does not receive any support from the father, and she lost her job last month. She was performing well in her role, but the business slowed, they reduced her hours, and she had to seek new employment. She has a stable work history and usually can provide for herself and the children. She secured a new j ...

Need 18.83 – 21-Year-Old Young Man In Severe Dental Pain – Goal Met!

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We alert you today to a 21-year-old young man that is in severe dental pain daily. He was raised in a low-income split home and never received any dental care as a child. He is now a grown man and is dealing with severe dental pain. We are working very closely with our local church partner and have gotten him a consultation with trusted dental experts. He has two abscessed teeth requi ...

Need 18.82 – Truck Driver Blew Engine – Goal Met!

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We alert you today to a hard-working over the road trucker that has run on hard times. Several weeks ago he was making a run to Minnesota from Georgia. The engine on his rig blew and left him stranded in Minnesota. He stayed with his truck and attempted to get it fixed and resume working. However, the estimates were in the range of $20,000 to fix it. He got a bus ticket back home and ...

Need 18.81 – Single Woman In Need – Goal Met!

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We alert you today to a single woman in need. She lost her job a few months ago on Saturday she will be evicted from her apartment. After praying through this, I do not feel like we should pay her rent and save her apartment. She can and is going to move in with family. She has secured a new position and starts work on November 12th. She is also within days of having her car repossess ...

Need 18.80 – Expecting Young Couple Needs A Little Help – Goal Met!

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We alert you this morning to a young couple that needs a little help. The couple is very active in one of our local church communities. They are expecting their first child in less than a month and are behind on their bills. The husband lost his job a few months ago but recently secured a new position. He was able to work a lower level job during the regular employment gap, but it was ...

Need 18.79 – Family Of 4 Working Out Of Motel Living – Goal Met!

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We alert you today, for the last time this week, to a family of four that are working their way out of living in motels. I work with many people that are living in pay by the day/week motels, and it is a real trap. The scenario is widespread that an individual or family will run on a hard time like the loss of employment and get evicted from their apartment.  They regain a new positio ...