Ned 19.29 – Woman Suffers Heart Attack – Goal Met!

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We alert you this morning to a 57-year-old single woman that suffered a massive heart attack on May 15th. She was rushed to the emergency room where they stabilized her. She has not been allowed to return to work before her scheduled surgery in the middle of June. After the surgery, she will be out of work an additional four weeks to recover. She does not have any disability coverage, ...

Need 19.28 – 70-Year-Old Minister In Need – Goal Met!

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We alert you today to a 70-year-old minister that needs help moving. He has been in ministry a long time serving as both a local pastor and evangelist. His health declined recently, and he is being forced to move from one state to another to be near family for care. He does not have the financial ability to hire a moving company and does not have the physical ability to move. We are w ...

Need 19.27 – 72-Year-Old Recently Widowed Woman In Need – Goal Met!

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We alert you today to a 72-year-old woman that was widowed on April 27th. Her husband suddenly passed away from heart failure. His social security check was deposited into their account and then removed without notice when the government received his death certificate. They are changing benefit status, and her income will stabilize when they start the new benefits in July. She works 3 ...

Need 19.26 – Man Lost His Job – Goal Met!

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We alert you today to a man that is the sole provider for his family and lost his job last month. He has been in wildlife/pest control management for over seventeen years and has a stable work history. He has regained employment and is back to work now. However, the gap in income has left him three weeks late on his rent. He is behind $950 and is in danger of being evicted. We are con ...

Need 19.25 – Widow Needs New Roof – Goal Met!

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We alert you for the first time this week to a widow in need. She lost her husband in 2015 after a very long battle with a congenital heart defect. They spent a tremendous amount of time in and out of the hospital throughout their marriage, and towards the end of her husband's life, specific routine maintenance issues with the house got neglected. She is not left with any life insuran ...

Need 19.24 – Hairdresser Undergoing Surgery – Goal Met!

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We alert you today to a hairdresser that has to undergo surgery. She is expected to be out of work for 3-4 weeks, and as a hairdresser, if she does not work, she does not earn any income. She did purchase a short-term disability plan a year ago in case of a situation like this but that plan has failed her, and they are not going to pay for this period off work. She is getting the surg ...