Need 18.11 – 82 Year Old Woman Breaks Hip – Goal Met!

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Story The 82-year-old mother fell and broke her hip at her home in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her daughter immediately made the trip from Atlanta to Utah to be there for her and help her get treatment. While there she realized that her mother would not be able to stay on her own any longer and she began making plans on how to care for her mother. It became clear that to be her mother's fu ...

Need 18.10 – Single Mother Needs Car Repairs – Goal Met!

raised of a $300.00 goal
Story We alert you today of a single mother of two children in need of a car repair. She relies on her car for work and to care for her father that is suffering from cancer. The rear brakes are entirely shot, and the car is undrivable as a result. She has fifty dollars to her name right now and needs the car repaired so she can get back to work and earn a living. We would like to hel ...

Need 18.9 – Advocate Stuck With The Bill – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you today of a woman that has tirelessly poured into a family for the past year. She has arranged job training for the mother to become a CNA. She has taken the children to appointments and school. She helped secure the family housing even to the point of signing her name on the lease. Last month the mother of the family stopped paying the rent on their apartment and w ...

Need 18.8 – Broken Back – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you to a man that has broken his back. He, along with many others, was sacrificing several hours a week doing volunteer work for a local organization when the accident happened. Some of the volunteer work required demolition of materials found in an old building. He was up in the ceiling about 15 feet off the ground helping the other men cut out sections of old wood wh ...

Need 18.7 – Elderly Mother Placed In Hospice – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you today of a young man whose mother has was placed in hospice due to terminal brain cancer. The son is traveling back and forth from where he lives to her bedside multiple times per week right now. The trip is over three hours each way, and the financial strain is taking a toll on his finances. He is a U.S. Army Infantry Combat Veteran that served multiple tours in O ...

Need 18.6 – Husband Checks Into Long-term Rehab Facility – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you today of a woman in need. She is a loving wife to an alcoholic and a devoted mother to their 8-year-old son. Her husband has been battling alcohol addiction for many years. Recently he was fired from his job for being intoxicated at work. As a result, he agreed to enter into long-term rehabilitation. As sad as the situation is this is a positive development. The is ...