Need 18.71 – Mother 6 Months Pregnant with 2-Year-Old Son – Goal Met!

raised of a $1,100.00 goal
We alert you to a mother that is six months pregnant and has a 2-year-old son. The father abandoned them and left them homeless. We are working closely with local partner, an abortion prevention organization, to help her get on her feet. They have secured her housing and helped her gain employment. They are also providing her guidance and support to finish out her pregnancy. The iss ...

Need 18.70 – Mother With 5 Children Flees Abusive Husband – Goal Met!

raised of a $3,500.00 goal
Story We alert you today to a mother that has fled an abusive husband. She is now on her own with five children and stating her life over. She is in the process of securing employment and transportation while dealing with a nasty legal battle. We are working closely with her through our local church partner and helping her get on her feet. The kids now are enrolled in school, and she ...

Need 18.69 – Husband Forced To Leave Job – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you today to a husband that was forced to leave his employment. He spent the past seven years building cell towers as an electrician. The job required him to travel from home for long stretches. His wife is having some health issues, and he decided to leave the work due to the travel commitment to care for his wife. He is working hard to find new employment and is comp ...

Need 18.68 – Husband Behind On Monthly Bills – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you today to a hard working husband that is behind on his monthly bills. Earlier this month his mother had a stroke. He had to rush to her, 12 hours away from his home, because she is the only caregiver to his father that is terminally ill with cancer. He is the only source of income for his family because his wife is also very sick and is recovering from surgery. She ...

Need Alert 18.67 – Husband Leaves Abruptly After 27 Years Of Marriage – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you this morning to a 50-year-old wife and mother that is putting the pieces back together after her husband, of 27 years, abruptly left the marriage. The couple led a small group at one of our local church partners and have two children that are 21 and 8 years old. This decision from the husband/father completely blindsided the family.  Her income contributed to the f ...

Need 18.66 – Young Husband/Father Dealing With Long-Term Illness – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you today to a 32-year-old husband and father of four that is dealing with a long-term illness. Approximately four years ago he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. As the symptoms continued to get worse, the diagnosis changed to Autoimmune disease. Later, they began to suspect Lupus. He has spent approximately half of the past three years in the hospital. Before his il ...