Need 21.20 – Single Woman Needs Second Skin Cancer Surgery

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Today, we alert you to a 44-year-old single woman in need of a second skin cancer surgery in less than a year. She works at a bakery and has a small side business that adds to her income. She has been able to keep up her hours at the bakery, but the small business has suffered during the pandemic. In July of 2020, doctors discovered that she had squamous cell carcinoma on her face. Du ...

Need 21.19 – COVID Forced Digital Learning

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We alert you to a family who needs help with their rent due to COVID forcing their six-year-old child into mandated digital learning. The family lives on two full-time incomes from both parents. In August, their child's school system went to digital learning only, and they were forced to make some hard decisions. The mother chose to leave her full-time employment so she could care for ...

Need 21.18 – Local Church Pastor Dealing with Mold Remediation

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Today, we alert you to a local church pastor dealing with mold remediation in his family's home. He and his wife have one child who has special needs. Their daughter’s ongoing care includes regularly scheduled medical tests. A month ago, her doctors noticed that she was being exposed to high levels of mold. They were not specifically testing for mold, but fortunately for the whole fam ...

Need 21.17 – Single Mother With Heart Issue and Pneumonia

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We alert you for the first time this week to a single mother dealing with a heart condition. You may remember Need Alert 21.10, which was for a single mother who underwent two surgeries to remove kidney stones. She was on schedule to return to work after the surgeries, but unfortunately, her heart started going into AFib. Her doctors tried several different courses of action, and she ...

Need 21.16 – 32-Year-Old Widow In Need 

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We alert you today to a 32-year-old widow and mother of three (12,13,14) who needs help. She has worked in the restaurant business, consistently providing for her children over the past twelve years on her own. COVID-19 shutdowns took her employment from her. She secured new employment in customer service but not before she fell behind on her rent. To add to the stress and heartache, ...

Need 21.15 – Single Mother of 4 Needs Help Due to COVID-19

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We alert you today to a single mother of four (11,8,6,2) that needs help. Her children tested positive for COVID-19 and were quarantined from school. As a result, she was exposed and not allowed to perform her job in childcare. She was forced out of work for an entire month, and now the kids will be digital learning from home for the remainder of the school year. She is trying to catc ...