Need 20.42 – Widow In Need Of Home Repairs

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We alert you today to a widow that is need of home repairs. She lost her husband in late 2017 and has been a faithful member of our local church partner for 14 years. Her husband served as an elder before he passed away. She does have a son, but he is incapable of helping her, and she is on a limited and fixed income. Problem: Basement/garage wall cracking, leaking, starting to shi ...

Need 20.41 – Ghanaian Doctoral Student In Need

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We alert you to a Ghanaian couple who have come to the United States for the husband to complete a Doctor of Theology degree and return to Ghana to train the next generation of African pastors. They have lived in The United States for about four years. Having completed his master's degree, he is now in a doctoral program. They are also a part of the membership of one of our local chur ...

Need 20.40 – Air Force Veteran Forced To Move Due To COVID-19 Shutdown

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We alert you to an Air Force veteran that is being forced to move due to the COVID-19 shutdown. He has been living with a roommate that owns the property, and he pays the roommate rent. It was an affordable place to live while he grew his small business. As a result of the shutdown, the roommate/property owner is moving his family into the property. This development means there will b ...

Need 20.39 – 37 Days In ICU With COVID-19 Virus

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We alert you today to a family of four that's husband/dad spent 37 days in ICU after contracting the COVIID-19 virus. He is now home and recovering but will not be able to return to work until August. The wife is back to work, and each of the teenage children is working full-time. He is getting short-term disability, but it is not enough for them to cover their regular monthly bills. ...

Need 20.38 – Burial Expenses For Her Father Made Single Women Short On Her Rent

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We alert you to a single woman that buried her father last week. She incurred $1,700 in burial expenses. She works full-time in a hospital, and due to the COVID Shutdown, they have reduced her hours over the past few months because the hospital census is low.  Her regular 40 hours per week paycheck shrank to 30 hours in some weeks, even as little as 20 hours in other weeks. She has re ...

Need 20.37 – Single Mother of 3 Needs Help Leaving Live-In Relationship

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We alert you today to a single mother of three (13, 7, 4) that needs help leaving a relatively longstanding live-in relationship with her boyfriend. Over the past several years, she has become more and more involved in her local church. As a result, she is growing spiritually and realizing the relationship she is in, and its structure, is not healthy for her or her children. She has b ...