Need 21.60 – Recently Widowed Woman Needs Financial Bridge

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We alert you today to a woman who lost her husband of 30 years in early August. They both worked and were financially stable, but the loss of income resulting from her husband’s passing has created a severe financial crisis. She is working to begin receiving his social security benefits and half of his military retirement, but the process is delayed due to some internal errors. He als ...

Need 21.59 – Transportation For Dialysis Treatments

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We alert you today to a 53-year-old vision-impaired man who is suffering from renal failure. He spent his career working for the federal government. When his vision deteriorated, he was put on disability and eventually forced out of work. Since then, his income has been drastically reduced. This man has a pension, but he cannot access it for several more years. His wife works full- ...

Need 21.58 – Mother of 4 Fled Domestic Violence

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Today, we alert you to a mother of four (7,5,3,1) who fled an eight-year domestic violence environment one week ago. She tried everything she could to protect herself and her children. She filed many police reports and was even granted a protective order for a while. Her words to me were, "I can't understand why he gets away with it." The violence toward her and her children became so ...

Need 21.57 – Single Woman Needs Two Weeks of Help

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We alert you to a single woman who needs help getting through the next two weeks. Three weeks ago, upper management at the company where she worked informed her entire team that they would no longer be employed as of the end of the day. They were all laid off without any severance pay. In years gone by, she could apply for unemployment and expect timely short-term assistance, but sinc ...

Need 21.57 – Elderly Couple Loses Third Family Member This Year

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We alert you today to an elderly couple that is carrying the weight of a third death in their family. These grandparents lost two of their adult children earlier this year. Two weeks ago, their grandson suddenly passed away. As you can imagine, their hearts are broken. They have been able to pull together some financial support from their extended family to help with this third funera ...

Need 21.55 – Husband Abandons Wife and 2-Year-Old Child

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In a situation like today's Need Alert, our most significant prayer is for total and complete reconciliation in the marriage. A Godly family unit is life-giving to all members of the family and the ideal scenario where children flourish. So, please take a moment today to pray that God will miraculously intervene in this marriage. We alert you to a young mother whose husband has aba ...