Need 20.61 – Couple In Need After Husband Suffers Stroke

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We alert you to a couple in need because the husband suffered a stroke. The husband is in the hospital, and the wife has not been allowed to see him due to the COVID Shutdown. She has been able to talk to him by phone. His speech is impaired, and he is suffering from some loss of function in his movement. We are prayerful that he will recover enough to return home by the end of the mo ...

Need 20.60 – Single Mother Of 4 Boys Needs Help Due to Digital Learning – COVID

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We alert you to a single mother of four boys (17,11,9,3) in need due to the COVID Shutdown causing her children's school to convert to digital learning. Typically she worked weekdays, and two of the boys stayed in after school, the three-year-old had childcare, and the seventeen-year-old is self-sufficient. Due to digital learning, she has to be home to help the middle boys with their ...

Need 20.59 – Single Father Needs Help Due to COVID Shutdown

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We alert you today to a single other of a thirteen-year-old girl that needs help with his rent. He has a long track record of providing for himself and his daughter. He works in the restaurant business as a cook and was laid off two months ago because the COVID shutdown and its regulations slowed business, and there has been no additional federal relief. He is in the process of securi ...

Need 20.58 – Woman Fighting Throat Cancer Needs Help

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We alert you today to a woman that is battling throat cancer. She worked up until a few weeks ago, even though she was undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. As I talked with her today, she was in the hospital, awaiting a procedure to insert a feeding tube. The radiation has burned her throat, and she is not going to be able to return to work for at least two months. She does not have ...

Need Alert 20.57 – Single Woman with Parkinson’s and Cancer Needs Help

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We alert you to a 61-year-old single woman that is very sick and needs our help. This Need Alert is a more considerable Need amount, so it will take all of us doing what we can to stabilize her situation. She has Parkinson's, and it is advancing rapidly. She also is being treated for cancer that has spread to her lungs and possibly her liver. She has been in the hospital several times ...

Need Alert 20.56 – Single Woman In Need Of Counseling

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We alert you today to a single woman that needs professional counseling. She has been in lockdown alone since March due to the COVID-19 shutdown. She has had her professional life turned upsidedown and been isolated from family and friends. She reached out because she is suffering from severe anxiety, depression, and other severe problems. She has had an initial evaluation and require ...