Need 22.28 – Mother in Need of Trauma Counseling

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Today, we alert you to a need brought to our attention by a church partner that has been ministering to a family of four. The husband and wife, along with their two children, are faithful members and servants in the church. The husband recently lost his job. He was promised severance pay but has yet to receive it. They are trying very hard to provide for their family. The husband is w ...

Need 22.27 -Mother In Need Of Grief Counseling

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We alert you today to a mother who needs grief counseling. Her son was murdered in early March of this year. Since the tragic event, she has not been functioning very well. Her husband reached out to one of our local church partners for help. She has agreed to attend counseling sessions. We want to cover the cost of ten sessions with our One Need Mental Health Team. ...

Need 22.26 – 30-Year-Old Single Mother Facing Eviction

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We alert you to a 30-year-old single mother and her 11-year-old daughter facing eviction. She works full-time at a law firm and is also a full-time student. She is finishing up her undergraduate this year and plans to apply for law school soon. Her financial shortfall happened as a perfect storm that was outside of her control. As you can imagine, her budget is tight, but she does hav ...

Need 22.25 – 29-Year-Old Man Suffering From Heart Condition

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We alert you to a 29-year-old single man suffering from a heart condition. A week ago, he began experiencing shortness of breath and drove himself to the emergency room. The doctors discovered that he had an irregular heartbeat. They admitted him to the hospital, placed him on oxygen support, and gave him medication. Unfortunately, he did not respond well to the treatment. He required ...

Need 22.24 – Homeless Woman Needs One More Month Of Housing to Recover From Cancer Surgery

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We alert you today to a woman you helped in late February of this year through Need Alert 22.14. She has been homeless for many years and normally lives in a tent. Our local church partner has been ministering to her for a long time. We worked together to give her a safe and clean environment while she recovered from her cancer surgery. Good news: the surgery went as planned, and h ...

Need 22.23 – Couple Involved in Fatal Car Crash

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Today we alert you to a woman who survived a car crash that took her boyfriend's life. The couple was involved in a single-car accident in the middle of January. Her boyfriend died on the scene. She was severely injured as well, suffering a broken neck at the base of her skull, broken pelvis, broken left leg, broken clavicle, and a severe concussion. Beyond her significant physical re ...