Need 21.45 – Woman Caught In The Crossfire

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We alert you today to a woman in need of trauma counseling. Three months ago, she was involved in a minor car accident on her way to meet a business client. To clear the roadway, she and the other driver pulled into a private parking lot. As they waited for the police to arrive, her client showed up at the parking lot. Other men arrived on the scene carrying firearms and began shootin ...

Need 21.44 – Father’s Caseload Reduced due to COVID-19

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For the last time this week, we alert you to a family of four that needs help with their rent. The mother works full-time as an account manager, and the father is a social worker for a company that works with the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS). The children are 15 and 11, and the parents have a long history of employment and providing for their children. During the pa ...

Need 21.43 -Woman Suffering From Epilepsy And Lupus Needs Help

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We alert you to a 46-year-old woman suffering from two types of severe epilepsy and lupus who needs help. She is totally disabled and requires a caregiver for daily tasks since she cannot drive on her own. Due to her fixed income, she needs affordable housing. Several years ago, her apartment rent increased above what she could afford, so she moved in with a family and rented a room. ...

Need 21.42 – 22-Year-Old Caring For Her 5-Year-Old Brother After Their Mother’s Passing

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We alert you today to a 22-year-old young woman caring for her 5-year-old autistic brother after losing their mother to cancer. Before she passed away, the mother worked day shifts while the daughter worked nights to make sure that the little brother had childcare. In February, the mother began having severe leg pains. Doctors discovered she had stage 4 metastatic breast cancer along ...

Need 21.41 – Father Is Injured While Changing A Flat Tire On His Way To Work

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Today, we alert you to a father of a family of five who suffered an injury last month. He and his family are members of one of our local church partners. He is the sole provider for his wife and three children (11,14,17). On his way to work last month, one of the tires on his truck went flat. He pulled over to change the tire, and when he picked up the flat tire, he suffered a complet ...

Need 21.40 – Single Mother of Two Toddlers Needs Help With Rent

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Today, we alert you to a single mother of two (2,3) who needs help with her rent. She is completely alone with no child support from the father and no other family to fall back on for help. She lost her job as a result of her employer’s business slowing down through the shutdowns. She received some unemployment assistance and used her savings to make ends meet for several months. She ...