Need 19.35 – Single Mother Has Hours Cut

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We alert you today to a single mother that works in retail and had her hours cut due to remodeling. She does not get any unemployment benefits because she is not separated from her employer; she just does not get any hours to work. She has been without work for one month but started new retail work this week. She will regain the hours from her first employer in August and plans to wor ...

Need 19.34 – 59-Year-Old Bus Driver Suffers Ruptured Disc

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We alert you today to a 59-year-old single man that suffered a ruptured disc. He has been a city bus driver for 26 years. A few weekends ago, he was walking his dog and stepped into a small pothole. He felt pain in his hip but seemed ok. So he went on a light bike ride later that day, and all looked good. Then he took a thirty-minute nap, and when he woke, he was in severe pain. He we ...

Need 19.33 – Family of 8 Need Help With Rent

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We alert you this morning to a family with five biological children and one foster child that need help with their rent. They had some major car repairs, and now they can not pay their rent. We are working with them on financial literacy through our local church partner and want to help them avoid eviction. The rent is $700. ...

Need 19.32 – Father Dies Suddenly In Same Week Mother Gives Birth – Goal Met!

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We alert you to a family that needs help. This need is much larger than our average, so please take an extra moment to consider this family in need. We are working closely, through our local church partner, with a mother that was scheduled to deliver her third child on Thursday, June 6th, after being put on bedrest at 25 weeks. On Friday, May 31st, the father of the child was found de ...

Need 19.31 – New Mother Flees Abusive Fiancé – Goal Met!

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We alert you for the third and final time this week. We try hard not to alert you of more than two needs per week, but this week it is necessary, and we hope you understand. We are working hard to grow the group to prevent overload so if you know a friend that would like to join you in this group; please share One Need with them. Now, on to the Need Alert. Today's alert is for a yo ...

Need 19.30 – Husband Out Of Work – Goal Met!

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We alert you today to a family that needs one month of bills paid. The 60-year-old husband was laid off from his long-standing job in March of this year. His line of work is business analyst, project management, process improvement, and he has consistently searched for new employment in his field. All of their savings have been exhausted and he is currently working a labor job for a c ...