Need 20.14 – Single Grandmother Needs Help

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We alert you to a single grandmother, that has full custody of her three grandchildren (10, 8, 6), in need of help. She has been with her employe for ten years. She became ill with the flu a few months ago, it turned into pneumonia and resulted in her hospitalization. While hospitalized, doctors discovered a mass on her breast that they removed a few weeks ago after she recovered from ...

Need 20.13 – Widow In Need

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We alert you today to a widow that needs help with her rent. She and her husband spent 22 years of their lives running a group home for foster children. They were forced to leave that career when he became ill, and she became his full-time caregiver. After she was widowed, she began driving for a limousine company. A few months ago, she lost that job because she was unable to perform ...

Need 20.12 – Retired Army Chaplin Needs Help Saving His Home of 17 years

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We alert you today to a retired Army Chaplain that needs help saving his home. He serves in the children's ministry and also teaches a group at his local church. He has spent his post Amry career working in the IT field and has lived in the same home for 17 years. He was laid off last year and started a new job this week. During the lapse of employment, he tried to keep everything tog ...

Need 20.11 – Woman Suffering From Anxiety and Depression Needs Help

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We alert you today to a 34-year-old single woman that lost her job several months ago. She has a stable work history, but the company restructured and eliminated her position. She immediately found employment, but it was at a much lower level than she typically worked. Although she worked 40 hours per week at the lower-level job, she continued to get behind on her bills. She is also s ...

Need 20.10 – Burn Victim Needs Support

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We alert you today to an unfortunate situation. On January 9th, a husband and father of three (15, 8, 6) suffered burns on 60% of his body. He is a professional auto painter and was working an extra job painting a car after hours when there was an explosion. He was flown by helicopter to the premier trauma center in his area. There he was put into an induced coma for ten days and unde ...

Need 20.9 – Multiple Car Trouble Threatens A Families Housing Stability

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We alert you to a family that needs help with part of their rent and getting the husband's work truck repaired. One year ago, the husband left employment with a window washing company and started his own business. His new company power washes, cleans gutters, and other services homeowners need regularly. The mother works 30 hours per week teaching at a daycare. Three weeks ago, the wi ...