Need 21.51 – Cremation Services For 46-Year-Old Wife and Mother

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We alert you today to a family that needs help paying for cremation services. The 46-year-old wife and mother had Type 1 Diabetes her entire life. For the last few years, the husband cared for his disabled wife while he also worked full-time. She passed away this past Saturday. In the last five months before her death, she also lost her father and mother. The financial responsibility ...

Need 21.50 – COVID Protocols Prevent Single Man From Working

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We alert you today to a single man who works at a large corporate distribution center. He has a good work history without any issues supporting himself in the past. Over a month ago, he became sick and decided to fight through the illness while continuing to work. Eventually, his symptoms became too obvious to ignore, and his employer prevented him from returning to work. COVID protoc ...

Need 21.49 – 49-Year-Old Husband Loses Wife To Pancreatic Cancer

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Today, we alert you to a 49-year-old husband/father/grandfather who lost his wife this past Friday to pancreatic cancer. She leaves behind her husband, two children (25, 20), and two young grandchildren. Her husband continued working full-time through his wife’s bout with cancer while their 20-year-old son cared for her. As I talked with the father, he told me that he can't see straig ...

Need 21.48 – 86-Year-Old Widow Needs Two Months Of Help

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One Need is a benevolence system for the Church. 1 John 3:18 challenges us to love in truth and in deed. If you are reading this Need Alert from One Need, you are what we call a Deeder, which means you are connected to a growing community of Christians who have a heart to help people in need. Because of your commitment to benevolence, we are able to support many local churches as they ...

Need 21.47 – Mother Of Three Going Through Unwanted Divorce

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Dedicated stay-at-home moms forsake many career opportunities in service to their families. When a husband files for divorce, his wife is often left in a vulnerable position. Even though a husband’s resumé is the result of the couple's joint effort, any prospective employers do not see it that way. When a husband leaves a marriage, he often takes advantage of the leverage he possesses ...

Need 21.46 – New Father Working To Do The Right Thing

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We have all made mistakes and poor decisions. Many times, our lives are shaped more by how we respond to those mistakes rather than by the mistakes themselves. When we turn to God through our struggles and missteps, He becomes the Waymaker when we can’t see a way through. As we seek God's design for our lives, He shows up in ways we could never imagine. These “unseen forces” coming to ...