Need 20.20 – 17-Year-Old Son In Severe Auto Accident

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We alert you today to a family whose son was involved in a severe auto accident in early January of this year. It was a single-car accident. He remembers leaving work, and the next thing he remembers is that he woke up in the hospital. Eyewitnesses say his truck veered off the road, rolled over an embankment, and hit several trees. Due to the severity of his injuries, he was life-flig ...

Need 20.19 – Master Electrician Facing Total Disability Due To Cancer

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We alert you today to a man that is facing total disability due to cancer. He has earned a living for many years as a master electrician. Last November, he lost the use of his legs and discovered that he had Multiple Myeloma. Cancer had destroyed a section of his spine, and he required surgery to regain the use of his legs. He is now able to walk but is facing total disability as a re ...

Need 20.18 – Mother and 5 Children Fleeing Physically Abusive Husband/Father

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We alert you today to a mother and her five children that are fleeing their physically abusive husband and father. The physical abuse is extensive and has been going on for a long time. The most recent incident involved the father breaking the mother's fingers with a coffee cup. Members of one of our local church partners are working to pick up the family and are taking them into thei ...

Need 20.17 – 23-Year-Old Civil Engineering Student Caring For Mother With Metastatic Breast Cancer

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We alert you today to a 23-Year-Old civil engineering student that is caring for her mother. She is graduating in May and currently interning for an engineering firm where they pay her hourly. She uses that money to support her and her mother while balancing the last month of her schooling. In 2018 her mother battled with breast cancer, and over the past few months, they have been mon ...

Need 20.16 – Newly Widowed Woman Needs HVAC

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We alert you to a newly widowed woman that needs a new HVAC system in her home. The current system is thirty years old, and she does not have the financial ability to have one installed. She is suffering from anxiety and depression and is receiving psychiatric treatment provided by her county as well as support from her local church. Currently, her only source of income is social secu ...

Need 20.15 – 62-Year-Old Single Woman In Recovery

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We alert you to a 62-year-old single woman that has struggled with prescription drug and alcohol addiction for most of her adult life. She is now over thirty days sober and in treatment, attending a support group, and working full-time. She has been admitted into a sober living facility and will be able to pay her rent after this week. However, she is short $185 on her rent that is du ...