Need 18.23 – One Month Hospital Stay – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you today to a woman that is recovering from an illness that required her to be in the hospital for an entire month. In late January the single woman was diagnosed with the Type A Flu Virus. While being treated for the Flu symptoms, her throat began to swell shut. Doctors discovered that she was also suffering from a bacterial infection. She was treated in the hospital ...

Need 18.22 – Family Lost Home In Fire – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you this morning to a family of five that has lost their home, and everything in it, in a house fire. Unfortunately, they did not have renters insurance. The mother and father both are very hard working parents. The mother had a seamstress business in the home, and she has lost all of her fabric, supplies, and her machines are damaged. The rental home is no longer liva ...

Need 18.21 – 22-Year-Old Son Killed In Motorcycle Accident – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you today to a family in need. They lost their 22-year-old son in a motorcycle accident in late January. This tragedy has devastated the family, and the parents have been battling just to put one foot in front of the other every day. Their work production slowed, and their income dropped. The burial created additional expenses that the family just did not have in reser ...

Need 18.20 – Family Needs Help – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you today of a family that is in need of help. As we have discussed before, any single need falls into one of three categories. (Rehabilitation, Development, Relief) This family has several needs that range to all three groups. They have four children ages 17, 7, 5, and 1. The 17-year-old daughter has autism and requires special care. The father is a U.S. Army war vete ...

Need 18.19 – 6 Year Old Boy Needs Vision Testing

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Story We alert you today to a six-year-old boy that needs specialized vision testing to help determine why he is struggling in school. He is receiving extra services at his school, and the parents are working with the teachers to decide whether or not he needs special education. The testing will significantly help the family and the educators determine the best steps for the boy goin ...

Need 18.18 – Woman Working Through Clinical Depression – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you today, for the last time this week, to a 55-year-old woman that is working her way out of clinical depression. She has been fighting depression for over three years. One year ago she decided to seek help. She has been working with a  counselor, and we are working with her through our local church partner. Before her mental illness took hold of her life, she was gai ...