Need 19.85 – Recently Divorced Woman Needs Help

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We alert you to a woman that is recently divorced and needs help. She fled an abusive relationship and is working to put the pieces together and provide for herself. She has spent several months looking for employment and had done contract work in the meantime. She has found full-time employment and is now making the transition. The transition is costing her a paycheck, and she is cur ...

Need 19.84 – Adult Special Needs Daughter Undergoing Surgery

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We alert you to a mother that needs help getting to her adult special needs daughter that is undergoing surgery. She lives over 500 miles from her daughter and wants to be by her side during the operation as well as during her recovery. This issue is that she does not have the funds to make the trip. We want to provide her with a $300 gift card for fuel and other travel expenses. ...

Need 19.83 – Mother Of 1-Year Old Son In Rehabilitation Facility

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We alert you to a young family in need. The couple has a one-year-old son, and the mother recently admitted herself to a rehabilitation facility. She is working to recover from childhood trauma and alcohol abuse. Insurance is paying for most of the treatment, but there are several gaps in the family's budget as a result of the mother's absence. They are missing her income ($580 per we ...

Need 19.82 – Man Released From Jail

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We alert you to a 41-year-old man released from jail after serving four and a half months. While incarcerated, he read a book written by the lead pastor of one of our local church partners. The words inspired him, and he committed to finding and visiting the church upon his release. At the time his arrest, he used crack cocaine daily. He spent the past 17 years addicted to the drug an ...

Need 19.81 – 76-Year-Old Disabled Man Being Evicted

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Let me start this Need Alert by knowledging that this might be the toughest week of the year to raise money for Needs. When we discovered this Need, that is the first thing that came to mind. It is relatively urgent, and it is sizable. We have never intended to pressure anyone into giving to a Need, and we will not start today. We are asking you to stop and pray for this Need, give if ...

Need 19.80 – Father of 4 Suffering From Lyme Disease

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We alert you today to a father of four (10, 9, 2, 5 months) that is suffering from Lyme Disease. He was diagnosed with the disease eight months ago, and it has now attacked his central nervous system. He has been suffering from symptoms, much like those with MS suffer until it is controlled. He and his wife run a small digital agency, and they have lost more than half of their revenue ...