Need 21.32 – Recently Divorced Mother Of 2 Needs Help

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Today, we alert you to a single mother of two (18,13) who was divorced this past March. Her ex-husband is in jail awaiting trial on charges of molesting their two children. He has given up all parental rights and will not support the family. She works full-time and has been able to make ends meet each month until now. Her car required over $900 in repairs, and she is unable to make he ...

Need 21.31 – Family Support For Severe Car Accident With Injuries

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Today, we alert you to a young family of a single mother in need of support after a serious car accident. She and her two children moved across the country late last year for an employment opportunity. They were involved in a head-on collision, and all three of them were injured. They do not have much family support to begin with, let alone where they now live in Utah. Their closest r ...

Need 21.30 – 53-Year-Old Single Woman Loses Job Due To Health Issues

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You may have noticed it’s been a busy week for Need Alerts, but this will be the last one for the week. Today, we alert you to a 53-year-old single woman who lost her longstanding employment due to failure in her knee joints. The job required her to stand for hours on end. Last month, she became unable to work when her severe knee pain turned to debilitating swelling, rendering her un ...

Need 21.29 – Hard Working Young Man’s Hours Cut

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Today, we alert you to a very hard-working 23-year-old young man who has had his hours cut at work. He and his 18-year-old sister were raised in a very tough environment.  They have no family to lean on during hard times. He has a history of providing for himself and continuing to help his sister when he can. He has worked through the entire pandemic, but he began having his hours cut ...

Need 21.28 – 48-Year-Old Single Woman Facing Eviction Due To COVID Shutdowns

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We alert you today to a 48-year-old single woman who has tried to work through the entire pandemic. She lost her original employment due to COVID shutdowns and has worked in temporary positions while she looked for full-time employment. She has no family and a long history of providing for herself. She has secured full-time employment and has been in the new position for the past ten ...

Need 21.27 – Single Mother Of 5 Lost Her 15-Year-Old Son In Drive-By Shooting

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We alert you today to a single mother of five children (ages 17,15,14,10,7) who lost her son in a drive-by shooting last year. Her son was gunned down in front of their house as he took the trash out to the curb one morning last November. She has worked full-time for the past 15 years in administration at a prestigious private university. The university gave her some time off immediat ...