Need 22.34 – College Student Caring For Her Mother Needs Help

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We alert you today to a college student who needs help with her rent. She is one semester from graduation and has supported herself through college by working nearly full-time. Recently, her work hours have been reduced. When this has happened in the past, she picked up side work to make ends meet. This time, she has had to care for her mother who lives an hour from her school and is ...

Need 22.33 – Adopted Teen Needs Ten More Days Of Treatment

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We alert you today to a family that is fighting to help their adopted daughter. Typically, we write a Need Alert as a short, fact-based story on behalf of the person in need. With today’s Need Alert, I feel like it is best for you to read the story they shared with us in their own words… "Our adopted daughter has had severe mental and behavioral health challenges since she moved in ...

Need 22.32 – Accident Leaves Woman Unable to Work

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We alert you today to a woman recovering from surgery who cannot return to her work as a hairstylist until August. In March, she suffered a fall at her church that left her with one severely sprained ankle and the other ankle badly broken. Her broken ankle required surgery last month. The doctors ordered her to stay off her feet until she could begin physical therapy in May. They told ...

Need 22.31 – Wife Dealing With Alcoholic Husband

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We alert you today to a wife who is dealing with an alcoholic husband. The couple has been married for twenty years, and they have three children. Last year, the husband went through detox and rehabilitation for his alcohol addiction. He continued his sobriety through AA but returned to drinking late last year. On January 28th of this year, he lost his job. He once again entered rehab ...

Need 22.30 – Single Mother Abandoned By Husband

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Today, we alert you to a single mother of a 9-year-old little girl who needs help. In December of 2020, her husband left them with almost no explanation. They are still technically married as the divorce has taken a long time. She works more than full-time and relies on the father to help out each month to make ends meet. He recently lost his job for the third time this year and has f ...

Need 22.29 – Couple Struggling To Recover After Wife’s Brain Surgery

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We alert you today to a woman who underwent brain surgery and faced complications with her recovery. In November of 2020, she started having significant headaches and lost sight in her left eye. Doctors found that she had fluid on her brain, and they performed the needed surgery. During her recovery, she started suffering from severe pelvic pain. After several visits to the hospital, ...