Need 21.4 – Family Hit From All Angles

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Today, we alert you to a family that has been hit from all angles in the past eight weeks. The parents both have a strong work history. She works in the finance department of a local hospital, and he is an IT Contractor on a military base. In early December, she was laid off from the hospital because of the severe decline in elective surgeries due to COVID-19. She still has not gotten ...

Need 21.3 – Family Lost Apartment to Fire

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Today, we alert you to a young family that lost their home to fire on December 30, 2020. Both the mother and father work full-time, and they have a 2-year-old daughter. They have insurance and will be receiving compensation, but it has already taken two weeks, and the insurance company is saying it will most likely take two more weeks. They will be using the insurance money to replace ...

Need 21.2 – Man Injured On The Job

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We alert you to a man that needs help after being injured while working. He has a strong work history that was interrupted due to COVID-19 shutdowns. He went back to work as soon as they allowed, fell into a gas hole, injured his back, and broke his wrist. The work he does requires manual labor, so he is out of work for a few weeks. He qualified for Workers' Comp, but the payments hav ...

Need 21.1 – Funeral Expenses

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We alert you to a 65-year-old father who needs help with funeral expenses. He unexpectedly lost his 46-year-old daughter this past August and spent the fall recovering from and grieving the loss. Then on December 22nd, he lost his 45-year-old son to pneumonia unexpectedly. He does have some of the funds needed for funeral expenses but needs $2,000 to complete the payment. We want to h ...

Need 20.70 – Woman Undergoing Chemotherapy While Recovering From Stroke

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We alert you today to a woman that suffered a stroke in October. This health event caused her to miss some time from work. While recovering from the stroke, doctors discovered that she has cancer in her liver and her pancreas. So on top of recovering from the stroke, she is now undergoing two types of chemotherapy treatment. Her husband does work, but her extended time off work has ca ...

Need 20.69 – Single Mother Suffering From Kidney Failure

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We alert you for the last time this week to a single mother (7 and 9) that suffered kidney failure this past April and then in June went through a divorce she did not want. She is currently on dialysis awaiting a kidney transplant. Her illness also led to seizures and other issues that impact her ability to work. She is working on her disability claim, but that is taking up to 5 month ...