Beauty in Hardship.

Beauty in Hardship.

I heard a fantastic story this weekend. My friend told me about how he was traveling in the mid-west when he found himself and family blocked in on a isolated road with storms on every side. His wife was very nervous as they were traveling through rain and hail where they could not see but only a few feet in front of them. After traveling for more than an hour, they were able to push through the other side of the storm. As they traveled through the dark night, they were entertained with the most amazing light show of lightning on both sides of them. Without the threat of the storm they were able to experience the beauty and power of nature without the threat of intimidation. They pushed through the hardship and were able to experience a beauty on the plains of the US that they never had experience before.

So why am I telling you all this? His story was a great example of Scripture study. Sometimes we can approach Scripture with intimidation. We can be intimidated into thinking we cannot understand it. We can be intimidated by thinking maybe we have “missed the boat” because we didn’t start early enough… whatever the reasons, if we endure the storm of hardship and work, we can experience a beauty and awe inspiring revelation that we will transform our hearts and lives!

I’ve been told that anything worth doing takes hard work. Join me in working hard. I want to see the beauty, do you?


Jesse Horne

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