A lamp unto.

A lamp unto.

The new year always brings a sense of renewal and change. We make goals and resolutions to better ourselves. Hopefully this year, as you have evaluated what resolutions you are making that you have set some marks spiritually.

I invite you to join me to read the Bible through this year! I use an app called "A Lamp Unto". It tracks my progress, allows me to read or listen, let me select my version and more. I can even setup a custom reading plan. I can choose what days of the week to read or how to read.

My plan this year is to read through the Bible chronologically and read a little every day using the ESV version. If you would like to join me, here is my plan code and link to the app below:

Join code TCHM9P

The app is available for iOS and android. You can setup any plan that works best for you! My wife uses the app only for the tracker, so you can really use it whatever best works for you.

Whatever goals you make, I hope that your new year brings you closer to our Lord!

Soli Deo Gloria
Jesse Horne

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