67 Year Old Woman Recovering From Being Hit By Car: Need 15.31 =Met

STATUS: 15 Deeders have responded and donated $400

(Updated 6.5.15 @1:40 pm)


Happy Friday!

We alert you today of a 67 year old woman that has almost completely recovered form being struck by a car. In Feburuary she was walking to her job at Publix and was struck by a car. She suffered a hip injury and has spent the past several months recovering. Her husband is very ill and completely disabled. As you can imagine, they rely on her income to make it all work every month.

They live a very modest lifestyle and their expenses are about as low as you could keep them. She has been able to return to work this week and is set to get her first paycheck in 2 more weeks.

She needs a little financial relief to finish this recovery.


Their Rent is $440 per month.  She has $300 of it so they really only have to have $140 more to meet their rent.

She has a past due power bill that is in danger of being disconnected. The fact hat she is a Senior Citizen is keeping it on at the moment. That bill is $220.

We would like to raise $400 to relieve some of the pressure until she can get her first paycheck.

Total Need  = $400

How To Help

1.) Take a second and pray for this Need Alert and every Deeder that is receiving it.

2.) Make donation below.

*As always 100% of your donation is tax deductible and 100% of your money, less the PayPal fees, will be applied to this specific need. You should also know that the relief will be delivered by the local church partner, not One Need.

All Need Alerts are prayed over and fully reviewed before you receive them. When you see a Need Alert from One Need we want you to have confidence that we are providing relief to a person with a real need. Furthermore, you should know that every need originates with a local church partner. Less than 5% of the Needs we work with become Need Alerts. You can feel confident that when you receive a Need Alert, like this one, that we have dug in and worked with the local church partner and the person in need. We know these people, their backgrounds, and have others that confirm these needs.
If you have any questions please email Rodney McClure at rodney@oneneed.org

In Christ,

Rodney & The One Need Team

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