5 Sort of Random Thoughts on Benevolence and Systems

We have spent, and continue to spend more, time woking to create the greatest benevolence tool The Church has ever seen.  We, as a team at One Need, have learned a lot and still have much to learn.  Here are a few things we have come to believe has we have been hammering this thing out.

1.) Christians, are not called to fix everything.  Many times we see Chirstians focus on "fixing" the situation.  It is far more important to focus on friendship and relationship than to focus on being the "fixer".  Everything we do at One Need is an attempt to give a Christian an opportunity to develop a relationship with another person. We have to teach people to see past the seemingly obvious need and make a real connection with the person.

2.) When it comes to systems, we focus on efficiency. When it comes to people, we focus on effectiveness.

3.) Technology can not and will not replace the person. We are not trying to build a system that "runs itself". One Need does not replace Christians. Christians certainly do not have to have One Need, but One Need certainly does have to have Christians.

4.) Prayer matters.

5.) Living on mission has less to do with what Christians do on Sunday and more to do with what they do on the other 6 days of the week.

On Mission,



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