Hard Working Single Mother – Need 17.79 – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you today to a very hard working single mother that needs our help. She worked 49 hours per week at her job that required her to work 13-hour shifts. Her family member let her down when they did not pick up her 2-year-old little girl up from daycare multiple times. The childcare facility did not report this because they know this mother and how hard she ...

Woman Undergoing Catheter Ablation – Need 17.78 – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you today of a family of five that is in need. The mother and the father both work full-time and have a consistent work history. They are both believers and attend one of our local church partners. She has been dealing with a heart issue for quite some time called superventricular tachycardia. These problems have caused her to miss work for several week ...

New Christian In Need – Need 17.77 – Goal Met!

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Story We are halfway through this week, and we have already alerted you to two Needs before this Need Alert. It is an unusually busy week. You should know that historically, since 2010, we have alerted approximately 10% of the Needs we work on an annual basis. Most of the needs, about 90%, submitted to us are people in need of rehabilitation and/or development. When t ...

Navy Veteran In Opioid Addiction Recovery – Need 17.76 – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you today of a 29-year-old father of two children ages 4 and 6. In most cases, I try to keep these Need Alerts short and to the point. However, I believe this Need requires a little more explanation. This young father has lived a life of addiction since he was 15 years old. He was addicted to opioids and methamphetamines and severely abused alcohol w ...

Rescued From Sex Trafficking – Need 17.75 – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you today of a young woman that has escaped sex trafficking. The trafficking ring fronted as a modeling agency to lure her. She became pregnant and has been rescued by one of our local partners, a pregnancy crisis center. A shelter has accepted her, but the hotel cost for her transition has been $240. We would like to cover this cost of transition. ...

Severely Abused Single Mother – Need 17.74 – Goal Met!

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Story We alert you today of a single mother that is recently divorced. Her ex-husband severely abused her. She tried to make the marriage work but was unable to due to the abuse. She works full time as a hairdresser and recently the shop has changed ownership. As a result, there have been some changes to her pay schedule. She was already week to week and barely making ...